Andreas Trumpp together with Minister of Science and Education Theresia Bauer

The State Research Prize for Applied Research (Landesforschungspreis) of Baden-Württemberg 2018 is awarded to Andreas Trumpp. The Minister for Science, Research and Art Theresia Bauer presented the award, which includes a prize money of 100.000 Euro, during a ceremonial act on December 10th, 2018 in Stuttgart. HI-STEM director Trumpp is honored for his remarkable contributions to the research field of stem cells and cancer. For instance he and his team discovered that stem cells of the blood are protected from environmental damage and chemotherapy through the principle of cellular dormancy. This significant body of work has led the way to numerous clinical research projects with the aim to develop better therapies for cancer patients.

The chairman of the DKFZ Michael Baumann said on the occasion of the award: "Andreas Trumpp is worldwide one of the outstanding researchers in the field of cancer stem cells to which he has contributed to significantly." In her remarks, Minister Theresia Bauer emphasized the importance of leading researchers such as Andreas Trumpp for the attractiveness of Baden-Württemberg.

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