Thier, M.C., Hommerding, O., Panten, J., Pinna, R., Garcia-Gonzalez, D., Berger, T., Worsdorfer, P., Assenov, Y., Scognamiglio, R., Przybylla, A., Kaschutnig, P., Becker, L., Milsom, M.D., Jauch, A., Utikal, J., Herrmann, C., Monyer, H., Edenhofer, F., & Trumpp, A. (2019). Identification of Embryonic Neural Plate Border Stem Cells and Their Generation by Direct Reprogramming from Adult Human Blood Cells. Cell Stem Cell, 24(1), 166-182 e113.

Open Access until February 22, 2019:

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