Breast cancer cells in glandular breast tissue.

Baccelli, I., Schneeweiss, A., Riethdorf, S., Stenzinger, A., Schillert, A., Vogel, V., Klein, C., Saini, M., Bauerle, T., Wallwiener, M., Holland-Letz, T., Hofner, T., Sprick, M., Scharpff, M., Marme, F., Sinn, H.P., Pantel, K., Weichert, W., & Trumpp, A. (2013). Identification of a population of blood circulating tumor cells from breast cancer patients that initiates metastasis in a xenograft assay. Nature Biotechnology, 31(6), 539-544. doi: 10.1038/nbt.2576

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