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NSGS mouse xenotransplanted with CD34+ cells from the corresponding MDS patient

Medyouf, H., Mossner, M., Jann, J.C., Nolte, F., Raffel, S., Herrmann, C., Lier, A., Eisen, C., Nowak, V., Zens, B., Mudder, K., Klein, C., Oblander, J., Fey, S., Vogler, J., Fabarius, A., Riedl, E., Roehl, H., Kohlmann, A., Staller, M., Haferlach, C., Muller, N., John, T., Platzbecker, U., Metzgeroth, G., Hofmann, W.K., Trumpp, A., & Nowak, D. (2014). Myelodysplastic cells in patients reprogram mesenchymal stromal cells to establish a transplantable stem cell niche disease unit. Cell Stem Cell, 14(6), 824-837. doi: 10.1016/j.stem.2014.02.014

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