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Chordoma Research

Groschel, S.*, Hubschmann, D.*, Raimondi, F., Horak, P., Warsow, G., Frohlich, M., Klink, B., Gieldon, L., Hutter, B., Kleinheinz, K., Bonekamp, D., Marschal, O., Chudasama, P., Mika, J., Groth, M., Uhrig, S., Kramer, S., Heining, C., Heilig, C.E., Richter, D., Reisinger, E., Pfutze, K., Eils, R., Wolf, S., von Kalle, C., Brandts, C., Scholl, C., Weichert, W., Richter, S., Bauer, S., Penzel, R., Schrock, E., Stenzinger, A., Schlenk, R.F., Brors, B., Russell, R.B., Glimm, H.*, Schlesner, M.*, & Frohling, S.* (2019). Defective homologous recombination DNA repair as therapeutic target in advanced chordoma. Nat Commun, 10(1), 1635. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-09633-9
*: equal contribution

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